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The story includes Paul, portrayed by Falkner, who goes from the most glorious Christian observer to the most influential apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul, the Apostle Christ, is a story of two people. Lukas, as a friend and doctor, dares his life as he enters Rome to visit Paul, who is in captivity, in the darkest darker cell of Neron’s cell. . But Nero is determined to free Rome from Christianity and is not afraid to do it in the most terrible ways. For PaulMaya’s death sentence has decided to write another book describing the beginning of «The Way» and the birth of what is known as a church. Paul’s battle is linked to the chains. He survives so many bones, shipwreck, hunger, stoning, hunger and thirst, cold and exposure — but while waiting for dead schedule, he sparks the shadow njegovaprošlih crimes. Only in the dark he wondered if he was forgotten. . . and if he has the power to end well. Two men fight the lucky king andthe weakness of the human spirit to live in the gospel

In Paul, the apostle of Christ, Paul was in the Roman prison and waited for his ubistvopod Imperor Nero. Mauritius, an ambitious prison prisoner, scarecrow sees what kind of threat this broken man is. After he was Saul of Tarsus, a tall and brutal murderer of Christians. Now his religion shakes Rome. At high risk, Luke’s doctor visits the old Pavlane console and dedik himself — asking himself for Paul’s lettersto preach and to the growing community of believers. Under conditions of inhuman prosecution by Nero, these men and women will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and change the world.

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